To prove the value of what we have to offer, why not let our happy customers do the talking? These MBA / EMBA students joined unique leadership expeditions in 2018.

“The learnings that I have from the Norway expedition make me who I am. I have defined myself and I know where I stand. This learning about myself makes me the leader of tomorrow – the leader I want to be.”

Jean-Baptiste Rimpot
(executive participant)

“Not only does Norway provide a memorable experience, the environment you are put in peels away subconscious protections which makes your raw self to appear. This allowed me to face my true self and leadership style, which left a lasting impression on me long after the expedition, making it a highlight of my MBA experience.”

(executive participant)

“The leadership expedition helped me discover that the abilities I was seeking I already possessed; it strengthened my confidence. I was given the opportunity to try different styles and receive both praise and critique from my peers and instructors. The physically demanding element of leading a team through the vast outdoors brings out your natural strengths and flaws in ways that a classroom setting doesn’t come close to. Knowing under which circumstances I add the most value helped me realise that good followership and taking a step back is a powerful element of leadership.”

Wouter den Boer
(executive participant)

“It is an experience which is quite hard to sum up in a few words or sentences. Overall, Norway has given me an internal peace which still resonates months later. because I know better what I value and stand for. From the landscape to the amazing people I shared this trip with, I could breathe, slow down, reflect and on who I am as a person and as a leader. It gave me perspective on the various styles of leadership as we could practice here and there, and observe our impact as well as others’ away from our usual distractions. It has been a tremendous opportunity to clarify my leadership style(s) and understand how well they fit or not fit others, so that I can be even more adaptable in the future.”

(executive participant)

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