Choosing for a BOLD Leadership Expedition is choosing for quality. Small groups of 5-7 participants are being coached by an academic leadership expert and is being guided by the wilderness guide that is making sure that everything is safe. We offer real intense coaching and guiding by professional staff!

Who We are

BOLD Expeditions is led by a team of enthusiastic professionals. BOLD Expeditions is run by a team of enthusiastic professionals. While Bart operates as CEO, Jeroen does Risk Assesments and HR and many professors / coaches / guides deliver in the field! Feel free to scroll down to learn more about the core BOLD team and the expertise they bring to the table.

Beyond this core BOLD-team, we have a growing team of X outdoor instructors and X executive coaches who help students on the terrain. Trained in the BOLD-approach, these instructors offer the pillars of stability for our clients on the terrain, both mentally as well as physically. Interested in working for BOLD? Feel free to e-mail us for more information.

Why Us

During the expedition we work with clients to maintain a regular coaching schedule. This systematic coaching approach will create stability, which balances out the more demanding elements of the personal learning journey. 

BOLD Expeditions is known to go “above and beyond”. intrinsically driven by their love for nature & improving human’s ability to navigate their natural surroundings (i.e., leadership), we are dedicated to build the highest quality of developmental experiences. and yes that often requires long nights of planning, withstanding snow storms securing tents, … but we love every bit off it.

Our Team
Bart Claeys

Polar explorer, extreme hiker, teacher, … Pushing boundaries, discovering new challenges, making efforts one would believe impossible to achieve, …that’s Bart his way of life! He spent 3 months in Africa, discovered different mountain areas, has been living in the wild, enjoying the cold and the heat all around the world, …

He has also been on several expeditions to the North Pole area during summer and winter season. Experiences: extreme hiking in West Africa, Spitsbergen, crossing Vatnajökull & Hardangervidda on ski’s and with pulk, the Belgian Arctic Eclipse Expedition, spotting brown bears, in search of the polar bear, several marathon trails, mountain hut tours, 120 km des fagnes, trailrunning all around the world, guiding in Antarctica during summer season, …

Jeroen Adam

Jeroen Adam operates as a HSE-manager. Before that, he dedicated his career to lead people as a unit-supervisor in the food industry. Throughout his job, he strongly believes in the added value of self-knowledge as a key to develop leadership. Both in his daily professional life and in his outdoor activities he pledges to be fully aware of the inner-self.

His vision about adventure is based on all 5 following pillars; vulnerability, awareness of self and others, responsibility, trust and self-reliance. Whit the above in mind, his expertise now stretches from many (un)successful summit attempts in the Eastern and Western Alps over winter bivouacs and hikings all over Europe, United States and the Himalayas to subarctic and arctic expeditions in Scotland, Alaska and Lapland. Nowadays the time has come for Jeroen to lend his expertise and idea’s to the Vision and Mission of BOLD.