BOLD stands for Beyond Outdoor Leadership Development. The first word ‘beyond’ is highlighted, because it uniquely differentiates us from our competitors. BOLD offers Outdoor Leadership Development which is powerful on both the Outdoor and on the Leadership aspect. We come in strong by putting you through a very real expedition interspersed with very real leadership challenges. With these essential ingredients BOLD accelerates your leadership development.


Leadership has been given many names. If we count the leadership styles that have been proposed by gurus and add the variety of approaches suggested by as many consultants, it is very easy to forget that there is a forest behind all these trees. BOLD Expeditions is offering a pathway to leadership that is predicated on how you are uniquely wired …


BOLD centralizes the integral care of the individual. We first offer a pre-training (information moments, team-day, workshops, personal coaching and training schedules, etc.), followed by the actual expedition, as well as the aftercare to help implement what was learned. So we are proud to state that we do not just provide an expedition… we provide an entire pathway to leadership.


“Welcome to your new comfort zone!” After some days in the wilderness with BOLD Wilderness Expeditions BVBA these words from the instructor felt cathartic to participants. While intended as a joke – fun/laughs are an essential ingredient to cope with the challenging circumstances of the outdoor-, these words also hit home and were received with silent nods on the worn, contemplative faces of those sitting in front of the camp fire. It had been tough but it had been worth it.

A holiday never to forget in their lifetime.  Not only had they seen and done amazing things (from soaking in desolate landscapes to experiencing a primal connection to the local culture), but their outlook on their future career and life in general had changed and in a short amount of time they were equipped not only with essential survival skills, but had grown tremendously in their leadership..


While some leadership knowledge is discovered in the classroom, research suggests that it takes confrontation, action, and reflection, to update the skills and behavioural patterns that help or hinder us in our leadership. The outdoor environment offers you all of that and is a great environment to accelerate the leadership development that otherwise takes years to grow.

It should therefore come as no surprise that some call the outdoor setting the petri-dish of leadership development: stripped from modern comforts and distractions, behavioural patterns are put under a microscope and the outdoor environment offers sufficient opportunity (contemplation, coaching, safe experimentation) to update those patterns.